3,333.3, Is That Another ActiveE?

Saturday 10th March 2012

Today we reached 3,333.3 miles and each and every one of them has been a pleasure to drive. Just another 30,000 to do to catch up with the MINI E.

Whilst out and about we called in to JMK BMW to say hello to Manny Antunes – their resident E-xpert. We arrived just at the right moment to meet Airton Azevedo who was picking up his new ActiveE. He’s replacing an old gas guzzler with the ActiveE and Airton’s other car is a Volt so he joins the ranks of the all-plug-in crew!

It was a busy day for ActiveE-spotting as another whizzed by us in the Great Swamp near Meyersville, NJ. It was none other than Mr. Chris Neff – another MINI E Pioneer – funny thing was, it was exactly the same colour as ours – do they only come in white?

Car wash number 11 today, what a busy day for the Active E.  Look how it glows when it’s freshly washed, when the sun hits it, it is almost too bright to look at!







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