4,444.4 - Björk

Saturday 24th March 2012

The unseasonably warm weather we have been experiencing this past week has brought out the bugs in their millions. What’s really weird though is that I can hear every single one of them as they hit the car, yes the car is that quiet. I was actually counting them, then quickly stopped myself when I realised how silly that was!

Oh, I thought the car had developed a rattle the other day… I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Then I realised that it wasn’t a rattle, well not related to the car anyway, it was the zips on my boots rattling every time I went over a bumpy piece of road.

It’s Oh So Quiet”

We’ve had the ActiveE for two months and three days and today the odometer read 4,444.4 miles. In this time it has had 15 car washes… see what happens when you have a white car!

The ActiveE will be heading for it’s 5,000 mile service next week. I wonder what kind of experience that will be. Stay tuned for more on that towards the end of next week.

In case you find yourself with nothing to do whilst you wait for the next installment, try pronouncing Björk’s Family Name… “Guðmundsdóttir”.


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