EV Skiing

Saturday 7th March 2015

Enough is enough now. After more snow this week in New Jersey, I think it is time for me to go out and buy some skies for my Electric Cars, I am so tired of not being able to go out and just enjoy them. Our Tesla Roadster hasn’t been out for weeks – my sidekick is having serious withdrawal symptoms. It just isn’t the weather to take out your Electric sports car – it’s just not fun.

We always have to check the weather forecast first before going out anywhere, and I mean every morning, as it changes so often. Then it’s the decision as to whether to go out or stay put as the roads are likely to be icy. Even when I do get to go out, I have to drive cautiously as all the back roads that I have to go on just to get to a main road are often a little dicey. They are either slippy from the weather overnight or puddling because it has decided to be above freezing. Then of course it goes below freezing and the puddles freeze. We are just having too much fun here.

I’m not the only one that’s tried skies on a car before:

I’m dreaming of warm Spring weather, as I am sure my Electric Cars are too, when the roads are dry and I can go for a drive and not to have to worry about the roads being icy. Although after all this snow, freezing rain and thawing, and then refreezing, the roads are currently in an awful state. Back to dodging potholes and trying to find different routes with the least amount of potholes. Just fun, fun, fun!

Anyway, back to the warm Spring weather and going for a drive in my Electric Car. I’ll be happy and smiling and loving the fact that my car will likely stay clean for at least a few days. I’m looking forward to my range going back up so I can go on a longer drive and where I don’t need the heating on all the time, lest my fingers and toes freeze. I’m looking forward to driving out and seeing the grass again, does anyone remember what grass looks like? Oh, and the flowers, I wonder if my snowdrops and crocuses will still make an appearance this year.

With the warm Spring weather (I’m hoping it arrives soon) comes Event season for us and our Electric Cars. We already have a number of events planned in April and May, so fingers crossed it warms up a bit. Much more fun showing and talking about Electric Cars when the sun is shining and it’s not freezing.

Now, what would it take to make an EV version of this?