I'm Back!

Tesla Model 3

It’s been an awfully long while since I’ve written about anything electric car related. Turns out that awfully long time, is a little over 4 years! After the children had finished at school, my sidekick told me that it was time for me to get a job! What, really, ugh? So, reluctantly, I did get a full time job and I didn't realise how much it takes out of you, its a bit of a life suck, to say the least! As work was always so busy it left little time to write and to be honest by the weekend I didn’t feel like writing and being stuck in front of my computer. I even missed writing about 1 year with the Tesla Model 3! Now its 5 years old. So what changed? Well we decided that we would like to work more on our own company FoodDays.com so we quit the day job and have gone out on our own... what will the future hold? This has given me some brain time back and here I am writing again.

To go back in time a little bit…

My last post about the Tesla Model 3 was after only owning it for 3 months! That seems like forever ago now, well it has been nearly 5 years so yes, a long time ago. Back then we had put on the lowering springs and they were too low. It turned out that 1.5 inch was just too low, so one’s sidekick ordered the 0.7 inch lowering springs. We waited for what seemed like ages for those to arrive and once arrived back to the car place to have them fitted. The 0.7 inch are perfect. Now it is just the right amount of lowered and with the 15mm wheel spacers on the front, and 20mm on the rear, it looks great. I’m really happy with how the car looks, but this time it isn't "The Difference an Inch Can Make", it's the difference 0.7 inches makes! It rides so much better than with the original springs on and the wheels fit into the arches nicely and all looks how it is suppose to be.

Too Low - April 2018

Just right - July 2018

We've also been up to Greenwich CT, one of our favourite places to go and stay for a coupe of days. The Delamar Hotel where we stay has charging points and now has a Tesla charger too as they have a courtesy Tesla Model X that they use to drive people locally around Greenwich.

We'd been to EV events, but often took the Tesla Roadster, as that was different and suddenly there were lots of Model 3's at EV events. We had a meet up with lots of Tesla owners, Roadster, Model 3, S and X. I organised an NDEW event in Bridgewater and that day it threatened rain and well... it definitely rained! I was surprised by how many people showed up considering the weather.

By the time we’d had the Model 3 for a year, it just felt normal, like it had been around forever. The car is great, comfortable, smooth and easy to drive. It is just effortless driving. I love the cameras all around so that when you park you can see everything. The car does get a little concerned when reversing into the garage and thinks we are getting too close to the back, when really we have still have plenty to go. Generally I don’t have any real issues with the car, apart from the most annoying phantom breaking while on cruise control… 5 years down the road it still does it occasionally. It's most bizarre, we can be driving along a totally empty road and all of a sudden the car puts the brakes on and we all lurch forwards. There is nothing there, so what does it think it has seen? Many bug reports to Tesla and I think they have generally worked it out, but not completely.

The car didn’t stay a “garage princess” for too long, well maybe it still has its days! I still try to avoid going out in the rain with it, even though I am assured that we do, in fact, have the wet weather package!! As soon as it gets wet and dirty I just feel that I need to wash it - and I do rather often, I just don’t like driving a dirty car. If the Smart ED is home then I take that just so the Model 3 doesn't get wet - I know I'm a little odd or so say some people!! The Model 3 while easy to wash does take a long time to dry. It's a big car and there are lots of nooks and crannies to dry - yes, sidekick you do have to dry inside the door hinges too! I don't know, you'd have thought he'd know this by now!

We had great plans for going travelling in the car, now that we had the range, a trip to Canada, maybe driving East Coast to West Coast. But apparently that was not to happen. Work was busy and getting time off was difficult and we travel to the UK each year to visit family and friends and then in early 2020 the pandemic struck and that was the end of going anywhere for a long while. It took us 3 years to be able to travel to the UK.