It needs to be Symmetrical

Saturday 15th August 2015

Dear Blogette…

The long, lazy days of summer – Ooh, that does sound like it would be lovely, if only we ever had the opportunity to be lazy!

This week nothing much is happening at all but, anyway, in amongst the non-laziness, we found ourselves taking the Smart Electric Drive on an errand the other day and unusually my sidekick let me drive!!! While I enjoy driving, I do tend to find him a little annoying as a passenger. This is because he uses being a passenger to investigate the car, opening everything, twisting and turning in his seat, finding things that were obviously not there before. I mean how could they have been? He has only just found them so they surely were not there before. It’s all a little distracting as the car wobbles from side to side and then the sudden proclamations of ‘Look what I just found!’ Yes, yes, that was always there.

Well, anyway the other day as we were driving along he proclaimed that the Smart Electric Drive is not symmetrical. Well – what to say? All of our other cars are symmetrical but not the Smart Electric Drive, apparently, the doors are different on the inside and the grab-handle for the passenger is further back. Hmm, this does seem rather odd.

After a little investigating, it would seem that the car is actually, symmetrical. It would appear that there were two issues that my sidekick was experiencing. The first was the interior handles on the Smart Electric Drive are different which probably also led to him to thinking things were not right. The drivers side handle has been changed slightly compared to the passenger side, which does seem odd even though all it has is an extra button and the twirly whirly knob for the door mirrors. But they do match up position wise on the doors. The second was that the passenger seat was slightly further back than the drivers side. We always have the seats in line with each other, apart from the day my son   passenger and feeling that he needed a bit more leg room, moved the seat back.

All that was needed to fix his ‘problem’ was to move the passenger seat forwards an inch and a half!!

I’m so glad that it’s all sorted and that the car is not wonky!