The End – Part 2

May 2014

Time to take the ActiveE back2 years, 3 months and 14 days, 193 car washes and 50,000 miles later we are saying goodbye to the ActiveE.

The time has gone by quickly and even though I really didn’t have any interest in the car at the beginning, I do actually quite like the ActiveE now. Not as much as the MINI E and I’m certainly not quite as sad saying goodbye to the ActiveE as I was the MINI E. I mean it is still white – that hasn’t changed!

The ActiveE has some good acceleration – not that I ever make use of it, but knowing that it is there should I ever need it. The ActiveE has very powerful regen and what makes it rather brilliant is the ability to pull up to the white line so precisely without using the brakes at all. The car is well built and you can feel that BMW quality. It handles well, even though it is not the lightest of vehicles. The sound of the motor at acceleration and deceleration always sounds great. Oh, and I still haven’t used the cruise control. Two years ago it was on my list of things to work out but I never quite got round to it. I prefer driving the car under my own control and definitely get better range without the use of cruise control.

ActiveE last lookThe last few months with the ActiveE have been rather uneventful. Everything has just worked. The car has served us well. It accepts a weeks worth of shopping with ease… Okay, the toilet rolls do have to go on the back seats! It gets us where we need to go and back again with the occasional charge needed. The ActiveE is not a long range vehicle and we have never tried to pretend otherwise, we know its limits and drive accordingly. It still attracts the stares of passing motorists and peds. People see it is a BMW but have no idea what it is, the stickers and the bump on the bonnet confuse people and they often pull up alongside at traffic lights to ask what it is, even after two years!

The tyres – still the original, are a little bit worn (or a lot depending on how you look at them!). The stickers are still where they should be – well done, again, BMW for using super glue! The interior is in excellent condition apart from a little scuffing on the lower doors where certain people don’t pick their feet up enough and, a slight blue tinge to the outside edges of the seats – I am thinking jeans.

Bridge 1On our last Sunday with the ActiveE, we took a last long drive, finding new and interesting roads – who knew that there were still un-made roads in NJ in the middle of a town! As always it was a lovely drive and now I am sad that the ActiveE is going back. Maybe I am not quite ready to let it go, not just yet.

But, before it went back, I gave it one last wash, wash number 193.

ActiveE washes

Monday 5th May at 4:30pm, I took my last drive in my ActiveE, it’s been a good two years.

So long and thanks for all the fun!



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  1. I still don't understand why automakers seem to do this over and over with EVs.

    "We've made this car that people really love and has no major issues….but we're STILL going to take it away from them. Hahaha, SUCKERS!!

    P.S. Just for fun, we'll probably also crush them…publicly…where their former owners are sure to see the mangled corpses being hauled away to parts unknown.."