To Be or Not To Be Involved

Saturday 8th November 2014

So, you’ve been out and purchased an Electric Car, you’re excited and can’t wait to drive it and show it to your family and friends. You’ve done something good for you and something good for the environment. We are all happy!

But what does it mean to own and drive an Electric Car?

Does it mean nothing in particular? It is just a car, right?

Was your next car purchase always going to be an Electric Car?

Or does it mean you have to sign up to be in the ‘club’ and be a part of the EV promotional family?

I think that it can be whatever you want it to be. You can just drive it because you want to, because it makes you happy, because you know you are on the cutting edge of technology and driving the latest and the best car out there. You don’t need to promote them or turn up to every event on the planet. You can just enjoy the smooth, quiet ride knowing you’ve made a really good purchase and you’re improving the planet. And of course you will always have a smile on your face.

However, some people want to be in the ‘club’, they feel they need to promote EV’s to everyone and their dog – oh, if only dogs could drive! Oh, hang on just a minute, that wouldn’t be a very good idea! Being in the ‘club’ can sometimes be somewhat tiring. Always trying to juggle which event to turn up to, which ones to say yes to, which ones will have the biggest impact. I think what we need to realise is that not everyone wants or needs to promote EV’s. If people just want to buy them then that is more than okay. In fact it’s great, more EV’s on the road = lot’s of happy people!

But do we need to promote EV’s?  Well, yes, I think that we do, we still need to get the EV word out there. But then the question is, ‘How much do we need to and can you feel burnt out after five years of promoting them?’ Do we sometimes wish we could just get on with our lives and drive our EV’s because we bought them as they are just so much fun and help improve the environment at the same time? Sometimes, yes, that is how we feel and it would be rather nice, but then we also feel a greater need to spread the EV word.

Promoting EV’s to other people is more often fun but sometimes challenging. You can often come away from an event feeling worn out, especially if the people who have attended the event are really not that bothered about EV’s and ask pointless questions. You can sometimes feel that you have wasted a perfectly reasonable day. Other times you get home feeling great and feel that the day was well worth it and that at least one person is now thinking that an Electric Car will be their next car.

What do we get from being in the ‘club’?  Well, we get to chat to a group of other like minded individuals who share the same EV’ness as we do.  We get to ask and answer questions about our cars, see who has maybe had a similar issue, see how others have dealt with particular things and see what other people are experiencing. We get to gather and share thoughts and ideas. Also we get to meet so many amazing people.

All of us EV’ers have to admit that EV’s are just so much better than those stinky old petrol things we use to drive around in.

Let me know how you feel. Do you like or want to be in the EV ‘club’? Do you like just driving and owning an EV? As at the end of the day it’s just so much fun!