Crazy Days

Saturday 15th November 2014

I’d like to share with you some of the crazy things we get to see and hear while we are out and about showing our Electric Cars at Events. It just wouldn’t be fair to keep them to ourselves. For everyone that’s taken their cars to an event, I’m sure this will seem vary familiar.

You’ve heard the phrase ‘There’s no such thing as a silly question or statement’ – Well I’ll let you be the judge…

Silly Questions!

We hear these questions over and over again, and they still make us smile.

You drive it everyday… really?

What do you do when you run out of electricity?

Can you drive it on the motorway, can it go fast enough?

How many hours can you drive it for?

That’s a solar panel on the roof of the Tesla, can you charge it up as you go?

Why don’t they put windmills on the side to recharge the batteries as you go along?

Do you carry spare batteries? (Yes, we keep some AAs in the glove box)

Is that a real car? (that you just arrived in and got out of)

Knowledgable Individuals!

The best conversations we hear are those between friends, they will stand there while the knowledgeable one of them tells all about Electric Cars. Sometimes we just stand there and quietly giggle to ourselves, and other times we have to step in and say, ‘Well, actually… It’s this really!

“Yes, those lines in the roof [of the ActiveE] are solar panels.” said one person to their friend sounding very knowledgable.

I had one person looking very intently at the graphics on the BMW ActiveE trying to work out if they were stickers or paint. He and his friend couldn’t decide, I guess they could have just asked. However, it just goes to show what a good job the “sticking the graphics on the car” person did.

“Did you know that the government banned these in the 1970’s because they can run on free energy that Nikola Tesla wanted to give away?”

“I haul these on my truck, they catch fire easily though.”

Favourite Conversation!

Person – Where’s the petrol engine in this Tesla Roadster?

My Reply – There isn’t one, it’s 100% electric.

Person – So is it in the front then?

My Silent Reply – sigh

Too Much Touching!

Whilst we like to share our cars, they’re not climbing frames! What goes on inside the minds of some people?

I must touch the car to see if it feels like a real car – because obviously it isn’t! So I’ll touch the steering wheel, the seats, stick my head inside the window, try the door handle… A few times because the first time nothing happened so if I try it multiple times then something’s bound to happen… hmm, still nothing. I know, I’ll reach in and open the door from the inside. Oh no, what have I done… The alarm’s gone off. Oops, oh dear how embarrassing, did I really just jump 10 feet? Maybe these are real cars after all, maybe that’s why there is a note inside saying “These are our cars please look after them.”

Well this is a lovely car, I’ll try the door handle so I can open the door, hmm, it appears to be locked, but the window is open so I will just feed my child into your car through the window, because that’s obviously the right thing to do! Nooooooo!

Let me just waggle the door mirrors back and forth, because that’s what you do right? (Umm, no it isn’t and please don’t let your child hang on them either. If you break them then you will be paying for new ones!)

Who We Are

Most people think we are Sales people from Tesla and BMW (do we get commission then for publicising their cars? Unfortunately not!) People appear quite shocked when we say, ‘No, these are our daily cars, we’re very enthusiastic about Electric Cars and we like bringing them out to these events to show people that there are Electric Cars on the road and you can use them everyday.’

It’s all Such Fun!!!!

Let me know if you have any stories that you would like to share.


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