Decision Time Again!

Saturday 25th March 2016

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – Again!

What am I trying to decide on this time? Well, that would be whether or not to put down a deposit on the Tesla Model 3.

I am rather undecided at the moment. The reason for my indecision is that I am not convinced, at the moment, that I would really like one. I always thought that I would definitely be putting down the deposit and would definitely be getting one, but recently I have started to have my doubts. I can’t quite put my finger on the reason, but I think it might be down to the fact that I always like to have something that is a little different to what other people have. I’m hearing more and more that there will be a lot of people putting down deposits and, if the numbers are to be believed, there are going to be an awful lot of people driving a Tesla Model 3 – which is a good thing – but, I’m really not sure I want the same car as everyone else.

I have gone to great lengths to change my BMW i3 so it looks different. I started with putting the stickers on the car and then added the lowering springs and then the wheel spacers. I just like something that looks that bit different, which is why I ended up with the i3 that I have.

If I did decide to put down a deposit for the Tesla Model 3 I would likely opt for all those options which reflect my preferences and style, and which do seem to be quite different to what others would choose, so then maybe my Model 3 would look different to all the others.

Right now, we do not even know what the Model 3 will look like, I am thinking a smaller version of the Model S though we east coast people won’t get to find out until the very early hours of April 1st. Am I happy to put a deposit down on a car I haven’t even seen yet? Well, quite likely yes, actually. I can’t possibly imagine that Tesla will make a horrid looking car! I am hoping it will be nicely finished and the fact that it is priced lower than the Model S will not mean that Tesla skimps on the finishing touches, they had better not anyway!

There is the fact that, as a current Tesla owner, we get to jump up the queue. Not totally sure at this stage what that will mean to delivery times but, as we usually go for the top spec cars it’s likely those will be delivered first if previous models are any indication but, of course, California will get the first cars off the line anyway. It was nice being the first in NJ with an i3, but of course now, they are quite literally everywhere!! Which is what lead me to make changes to my car.

Maybe I’ll put the deposit down and then just wait and see like so many others, I’ll spec it to my liking and then wait and see a bit more. After all, that is what I did with the i3 and I never ever had any intention of ever getting an i3 – ever!!

If I do decide to put a deposit down, do I go and join the queue at the local Tesla Store, which could be short or long – I mean who knows what it will be like? If all the stories are to be believed it could be really busy, I am thinking anywhere between 25 and 75 people. But it could be fun to be surrounded by other Electric Vehicle enthusiasts. Or do I wait until April 1st and put down a deposit online? Oh no – more decisions!!!

Or, maybe I will just go for the Ford Focus Electric as that has butterflies on the side!!


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