Roadster Time

Saturday 11th October 2014

So, I’ve been granted, by Royal decree, well by my side kick, that I can use the Tesla Roadster to go to my exercise class. How very generous.

I haven’t driven the roadster for quite a while. It has become the weekend car only and does not get used on a regular basis anymore. Mainly due to the poor state of the NJ roads and the fact that it recently cost us a rather expensive suspension upgrade. Less said about that the better!

I am rather nervous about taking it out after such a long time. My route is already planned to make use of as much good roads as possible and I know the bad bits so I can slow down accordingly. It is rather amusing the way I drive this so differently from the i-MiEV say. I care about the i-MiEV too, obviously! But it’s different, the i-MiEV takes all road conditions in its stride. I guess that has something to do with its narrow tyres and more bouncy suspension. Yes, it’s a little sick making but then I hardly ever drive it.

Opening the garage door and there it is, unplugged and waiting for me. For some reason my side kick unplugged it for me – not worked that one out just yet! I unlocked the door and got in, with exercise mat, handbag and water bottle. Even though it is small, there is a place for everything. I turned the car on and reversed out of the garage, oh my, this has been a long time. Just as well I gave myself some extra minutes. As I set off out of the drive it all came back to me… Just why this is such a great car to drive.

Okay, it is small and you can feel every bump in the road, even on newly tarmac’d roads but you feel connected to the road with this car. You get such feedback through the steering wheel that it’s altogether a different kind of driving. I drove happily along, remembering why I enjoyed driving the roadster that one summer so long, long ago. I slowed down for the pot holey bits and even though I was expecting to be beeped at, no one did, in fact they slowed down too.

The best part of driving the roadster? I get to improve the ideal miles range – the guesstimate of ideal range remaining – dramatically!! Side kick had left the roadster with a measly 167 miles of ideal range – pathetic. Just driving out to my exercise class and I had already increased that to 174.

The next day, yes I know, two days in a row – it’s unheard of! Anyway, when I turned on the Roadster, the ideal miles range was at 189, and as I was driving it went up to 194. Oh, I am so superior, my side kick can never match this.

I know for many the opportunity to drive the Tesla Roadster would be all about putting their foot down and enjoying the speed, but for me – not so much. I really enjoy seeing how I can increase the miles/kWh and the ideal range miles… It’s such super duper fun!

The downside to all of this though, is that I have a very steep hill as the last part of my return journey – it kills my ideal range – Ugh! How slowly can I go up the last hill, with no one behind me, I guess really slowly!!

As I have been given the privilege of driving the Roadster I felt it only fair to put it away clean – Oh, what am I saying? I’m the one that washes the cars all the time anyway!!!!

Electra Girl – Super EV Girl – Super Car Washer… What, wait…!


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