Oh What a Beautiful Day!

Thursday 8th March 2012

Today the weather was gorgeous, it’s a little warm for early March but it’ll be cold again tomorrow. But a wonderful day for owning an electric car. It’s on days like this that you really notice just how smooth and quiet the drive is, there’s no need for any HVAC.

I got in the car this morning, the temperature was 11.5 celsius (Napoleon numbers) and I had 91 miles in regular mode and 108 miles in Eco mode, the highest I’ve seen so far. This shows that the outside temperature is definitely a factor in mileage and range. We did see this with the MINI E where we would often see 125 mile range in the summer months against 86 miles in the winter.

I drove for 70 miles this morning and came home with, according to the car, having only used two battery “lozenges” and still having 46% charge left. If this is true then that’s brilliant, that’s about 135 miles on this charge, but are we sure it’s reporting correctly? I guess the only way I’ll know is by driving the ActiveE even more. Gosh, what a hard life this EV driving is… but I love it!

When I went out in the evening after the car had fully charged, I had 114 miles range in Eco mode, now this is the highest I have seen it!

Oh and by the way I do believe (the next bit said in a very, very quiet whisper), the colour may be growing on me!  I can’t believe I just said that, especially as it needs washing again! Maybe the colour is not so noticeable to me anymore, like a lot of things you get used to it after a while… Well we have had it nearly seven weeks now.



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